Significant Shareholders

Director shareholdings

The Directors holdings as at 25 February 2016 were as follows:

DirectorAmount% Holding
The Hon Robert Rayne 4,194,7033.77
John Burns694,4980.62
Simon Silver239,8870.22
Nigel George47,5500.04
Paul Williams44,5510.04
Damian Wisniewski21,7810.02
David Silverman16,4690.01
Stuart Corbyn1,0000.00
Stephen Young1,0000.00

Major shareholdings

In addition to those of the Directors, the Company has been notified of the following interests in the issued ordinary share capital as at 25 February 2016.

CompanyAmount% Holding
Blackrock Investment Management (UK) Ltd6,906,8356.21
Norges Bank5,547,7624.99
Invesco Inc5,242,4064.72
Standard Life Investments4,284,3903.85
Lady Jane Rayne 3,593,8383.23