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“A model maker for me isn’t just a craftsman who has an eye for precision, detail and scale, but it’s someone who can see the overall picture.”

LL&Co. centre their practice around creative experimentation and materiality. Taking a meticulous approach to the design and making process, they are constantly exploring new techniques to best reflect the intent of the architecture.

An age-old practice, architectural model making has changed over the centuries in its techniques, style, and purpose.

Fast forward to modern day and their approach to model making speaks to yet another purpose for the architectural model – artistic exhibitory. Architectural models intended for display often vary in their accurate depiction of scale and construction, but the models have been designed to capture a building’s true identity which they believe lies in authentic material choices.

Our collection of models of Baker Street, Brunel Building, 80 Charlotte Street, The Featherstone Building, Soho Place, Tea Building, Turnmill and White Collar Factory are displayed in the Pasmore Room at our newly opened DL/78.