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To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the White Collar Factory EC1 in Old Street, architect Steve Taylor from AHMM takes us on a tour of the finer details that stand the test of time.

An outdoor connection above the skyline... perhaps its best known feature, its rooftop terrace and 360° running track offer an open-air escape from city life and an opportunity to connect through the building's running club.

Creating synergy through function and form - the building's façade embodies the unique design concepts explored by architect Jean Prouvé, built on purpose and structure.

Manipulating volume and light to create space - the dynamic lobby area was designed to impress, both in its size and in its potential for modification. This hall is home to many types of interaction, from initial greetings to friendly lunches, phone conversations to farewells.

A space to relax, reconnect and recalibrate... the courtyard at the heart of the campus blends the past with the present through its contrasting textures, traditional materials and contemporary art and design.