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16 Oct 2014

Showing our commitment – the new UK Green Building Council members commitment
By John Davies, Head of Sustainability

September has been a busy month here at Derwent London, not least of in terms of sustainability, where we have been developing our new sustainability website presence which sets out the breadth of our work, our approach and some of the successes we have garnered along the way – we hope you find it useful.

However, we are not the only ones who have been busy.  September also marked the launch of the new UKGBC member’s commitment, a new initiative designed to raise the bar in terms of performance across its 400 strong membership, stimulate collaboration and share best practice over the next three years and beyond.

The new commitment consists of the following:

We commit to championing UKGBC’s vision by integrating sustainability into our business operations.
We will demonstrate our commitment by leading and advocating practices that are environmentally responsible, ethical and fair.
We will be open and transparent about our progress and share best practice with others

Since becoming members of the UK Green Building Council we have been keen to showcase our approach to development which actively utilises sustainability as a key value factor to help us deliver some of the most exciting spaces in the London property market.  However, our membership has also enabled us to learn from a broad church, forge new relationships whilst helping the sector move forward – a genuine win/win situation.   So signing the new commitment for us has been a very good way of aligning our strategic intent and direction whilst contributing to the overall success of our sector and the work of the UKGBC.

We will keep you updated on our commitment progress and achievements over the coming months and year in our new sustainability pages and annual reporting work. To see an overview of sustainability at Derwent London please check out the new vlog.

For more information on the new members commitment please click here

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