Days 2 & 3 Calais to Dijon

Days 2 & 3 Calais to Dijon
Days 2 & 3 Calais to Dijon

09 Mar 2015

Day 2: Calais to Reims

My rule is only get up before 5 if you are going to the airport so 4.45 wake up call scared the life out of me! By 6am we were away and into the darkness of northern industrial France. After a hour or so the sun came up and we began the routine of 50/60km legs with 10 min pit stops!

Much of the ground we covered today was across the battlefields of the Somme, rolling chalk countryside with numerous war graves - but the weather held firm, sunshine with a few pink faces walking around this evening!

By the time we rolled in it was 8.45 pm. And after 15 hours and 320 kms on the bike it doesn't  leave much time, apart from to eat, wash (and blog!)

So far so good, same again tomorrow and that will break the back of it! In my head anyway!



Day 3: Reims To Dijon

I have to say day 3 started with some pretty mixed feelings - I was quite happy setting off this morning with no rain clouds in sight and what promised to be a great sunrise. Sure enough the sun rise was absolutely stunning - one of the best I have seen in a very long time!

No time to stop though - the peloton ploughed on and pretty soon we hit freezing fog- frozen water bottles, frosted glasses and a frosted jacket!

A quick stop and it was back on the rolling road.

The rest of the day was absolutely beautiful! Sunshine all day and temperatures of 12 degrees.

For me the best part of the day had to be pacing back onto the group behind a motorbike after assisting with a mechanical (no I didn't fall of the back) - 30 mph uphill has to be a new record!

Stage 5 saw a beautiful descent into Moloy where the team bus was waiting (for me anyway as I missed the last stage).

A huge congrats to Rich who has completed every stage so far - well done! Allez!


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