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**DEADLINE NOW EXTENDED** - to 24 April 2020 5pm

Covid-19 Update

We realise that these are extremely trying times and that local groups and charities are working hard to support their communities, therefore may well need some more time to apply.

Please therefore note we have extended our deadline for applications. The new deadline is 5pm 24 April 2020, and not 27 March 2020 as previously advised.

Please also note that for this round of funding we are relaxing our guidelines with respect to what can and can not be funded. For this round of applications core funding of a group will be considered if the costs are related to the delivery of services and the continuity thereof. For further information on the general guidelines and application forms, see the links below.

Funds available for 2020

Tech Belt - up to £25,000 available in spring 2019 and £25,000 available in autumn 2019

Fitzrovia & West End - up to £50,000 available in spring 2020

Community Fund - how to apply

The 2020 funding round is now open. Derwent London invites local community groups, residents and local business owners to apply for funding of their community projects. Please follow the links below for the the application form and guidance notes below.

Spring 2020 Timetable (Tech Belt* and Fitzrovia/West End)

4 February 2020 - Community Fund details available
24 April 2020 - application deadline
May 2020 - announcement of fund recipients

Autumn 2020 Timetable (Tech Belt* only)

September 2020 - Community Fund details available
November 2020 - application deadline
December 2020 - announcement of fund recipients

Applications - link/downloads available (when funding rounds are live):


If you have any queries about the fund, please do not hesitate to contact us.


*The Tech Belt is defined here as the area extending from Kings Cross to Whitechapel, largely covering some EC1 and E1 postcodes.

Community Fund image

Library bus for St Mary Magdalene School 2019

Community Fund image

The Garden Classroom, Islington 2017

Community Fund image

The Spitz - Music for wellbeing 2017

Derwent London Community Fund – Organisations funded so far:

2013 – Fitzrovia:

  • Fitzrovia Centre – community garden at the centre
  • Fitzrovia Youth in Action – resurfacing the multi-use games area at The Warren & local football league
  • All Souls Primary School – running lunch and after-school clubs and parenting classes
  • All Souls Clubhouse – Wednesday Lunch Club for older people
  • Fitzrovia Trust – replanting the garden at the Fitzrovia Nursery

2014 – Fitzrovia:

  • Fitzrovia Noir – 140 Characters or less - an art project portraying streetlife in Fitzrovia
  • Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association – Positive Health exercise and massage project for women
  • Upbeat Music – Songs inspired by Dylan Thomas – music project for people with mental health issues
  • All Souls Clubhouse – supporting the Clubcare project and providing new kitchen facilities
  • All Souls Primary School – Learning together through technology; photography project for children
  • Women Like Us – From Playground to Payslip – supporting Fitzrovia parents to combine work and family life
  • ARTfitzrovia – Taking the next steps – expanding the platform for this art collective for homeless adults

2015 – Fitzrovia:

  • All Souls Clubhouse – After school football club & Clubkicks
  • Fitzrovia Community Centre – Arts programme
  • Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association – Fitzrovia Positive Health
  • Fitzrovia Youth in Action – Community events programme
  • Upbeat Music & Mental Health – Streets of London music workshop and showcase

2016 – Fitzrovia

  • All Souls Clubhouse – Wednesday Lunch Club
  • FitzFest – Classical music festival and education programme 2016/17
  • Fitzrovia Centre – Project Feel Well Fitzrovia
  • Fitzrovia Trust – Playground improvements
  • Holcroft Residents Association – Greening Carburton Street
  • Soup Kitchen – Kitchen costs
  • Table Tennis Fight Club – Community programme

2016 spring – Tech Belt:

  • All Change Arts – Meaning to Say creative project for people with mental health problems
  • The Parent House – Parent to Parent Outreach training programme for parent volunteers
  • Theatre Centre – Our Place community drama programme for young people
  • St Luke’s Parochial – 3 community events: Older people celebration October; Christmas Fayre & Lunch
  • St Hilda’s East, Boundary Women’s Project – ‘ABC’ confidence building socially excluded women
  • Finsbury & Clerkenwell Volunteers – Lunch & Telephone Club befriending and support for older people

2016 autumn – Tech Belt:

  • Centre 404 – EC1 family support and drop-in services
  • Quaker Court TMO – Intergenerational story and drama project
  • St Hilda’s East Community Centre – Older people’s healthy living group
  • Inspire/ St Monica’s Primary School – iDiscover project promoting STEM subjects
  • Inspire/Central Foundation Boys School – Connecting Silicon Hack
  • St Luke’s Parochial Trust – EC1 collaborative public art project
  • Islington Play Association – This is real and it’s yours! Toffee Park Playground redesign

2017 – Fitzrovia:

  • All Souls Clubhouse – Wednesday Lunch Club
  • Fitzrovia Centre – Camels in the Community school art project
  • Fitzrovia Chapel – Community engagement and events
  • Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association – Positive Health project
  • Fitzrovia Youth in Action – Active Fitzrovia intergenerational exercise programme
  • Holcroft Court Residents Association – Greening of Carburton Street
  • Whitefield Charity Soup Kitchen – Welcomer funding

2017 spring – Tech Belt:

  • Urban MBA – Starting it up! Project
  • The Spitz Charitable Trust – Music for well-being workshops
  • Ministry of Stories – children’s writing programme
  • Islington Play Association – Acting Freely drama workshop
  • Cardboard Citizens – Peer to Peer homeless mentoring
  • St Hilda’s East Community Centre – Active Ants nature play

2017 autumn – Tech Belt:

  • Centre 404 – EC1 family support and drop-in services
  • Society Links Tower Hamlets – Digital Explorers for Beginners
  • Spitz Charitable Trust – Well-being exchange through cross-generational music-making
  • St Hilda’s East Community Centre – Surajumuki creates headlines
  • The Garden Classroom – The Secret Garden shared
  • Young Actors Theatre – Stage Door

2018 – Fitzrovia:

  • All Souls Clubhouse – Wednesday Lunch Club
  • All Souls Primary School – Blue Plaque Walk project
  • Fitzrovia Centre – Heroes’ journey intergenerational arts project
  • Fitzrovia Chapel – Autumn exhibition
  • Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Association – Positive Health project
  • Fitzrovia Youth in Action – Community Christmas lunch
  • Whitefield Charity Soup Kitchen – Soup kitchen costs

2018 spring – Tech Belt:

  • Foundation for Change – The NEXT psychology project for the homeless
  • Inspire for Central Foundation School for boys – Leadership academy
  • Islington Boat Club - Summerversity
  • Islington Play Association – Sunny Saturdays
  • The Peel – Clerkenwell Coding Club for children
  • St Hilda’s East Community Centre – Community food co-op outreach
  • The Parent House – Outreach in the community

2018 autumn - Tech Belt:

  • Access to Sports – Holiday programme
  • Holborn Community Association – Creative arts for young people
  • Providence Row – Breakfast service
  • Society Links – Digital Explorer
  • Soapbox – Digital Talent Pipeline
  • Urban MBA – The Untold Truth

2019 – Fitzrovia & West End:

  • All Souls Clubhouse – lunch club and coffee mornings for the elderly
  • Doorstep Library Network – literacy support for families
  • Fitzrovia Youth in Action – community Christmas dinner
  • Mission Remission – support group for cancer survivors
  • Soup Kitchen at American International Church – welcome service at soup kitchen
  • St Mary Magdalene School – library bus project
  • West London Mission – employment programme for the homeless

2019 spring - Tech Belt:

  • Coney Ltd – storytelling and digital programming course with Mulberry School
  • KIDS – playground water play rejuvenation
  • Peer UK – zine-making workshops
  • St Hilda’s East Community Centre – Boys Space project
  • The Spitz Charitable Trust – one to one music sessions at Bridgeside Lodge
  • The Stuart Low Trust – therapeutic gardening club at Culpeper Community Garden

2019 autumn - Tech Belt:

  • The Parent House – parent outreach volunteer programme
  • Young Actors Theatre – performing arts classes for disadvantaged young people
  • A New Direction – employment programme for disadvantaged children and young people
  • The Literacy Pirates – literacy project for school children
  • Rich Mix Cultural Foundation – art and film project for children
  • Society Links – education support programme for young people