Out of the Strong

Angel Building

Date: 2010 Building: Angel Building

The focal point of the Angel Building atrium is a piece of sculpture that is also a piece of useable furniture, and is design by architect Ian McChesney. McChesney responds to the height of the Angel atrium by taking inspiration from an unlikely source: a spoonful of black treacle (the name is the biblical motto to be found on cans of Lyle's syrup). This viscous liquid pours off the spoon in a quite beautiful, alomost motionless cascade. McChesney takes the resulting form and inverts it. The spoon becomes the seating, a large oval bench finished in black, leather hide. The pour of the fluid becomes a tall, tapering forward-leaning black needle, made of polished carbon fibre. The end result is a throne for the common man, something that elevates the experience of arriving and waiting in the Angel Building.

Ian McChesney works as an independent architect, designer and sculptor. Commissions include rotating wind shelters for Blackpool's promenade, an award winning park pavilion in Preston and a range of small batch produced lamps. He has recently completed the first phase of “Blaze”, a roadside artwork for Middlesbrough.

Out of the Strong