About Derwent London

Derwent London is the largest London-focused real estate investment trust (REIT) and owns a 5.4 million sq ft portfolio of mainly commercial real estate in 13 ‘villages’ across central London.

What we do
The majority of our portfolio is income producing.  We aim for a balance between properties with potential to add further value through regeneration and those which have already been improved but where our asset management skills can continue to grow value and income.

How we do it
Our focus on growth and building relationships drives an income profile with embedded upside, revitalises neighbourhoods and benefits local communities. Our focus on earnings ensures we aim to increase rents while carefully managing our cost base. Underlying the business is a strong balance sheet with modest leverage and uncomplicated and flexible financing.

Our overall objective is to provide above average long-term returns to our shareholders, while delivering benefits for all our other stakeholders.