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We have a clear and robust approach to health and safety, striving to create an industry leading capability centred on three pillars:

People – safeguarding our employees

Assets – safeguarding our tenants, visitors and those who work in our managed portfolio

Developments – ensuring the safe design and delivery of our projects

These three pillars ensure we cover and manage the breadth of our legal obligations and responsibilities and instil a best practice approach.

We have an excellent health and safety record and have made further progress in 2018. We aim to achieve an industry leading capability across a wide range of health and safety aspects, including well-being and mental health. During the year we recruited a new Head of Health and Safety, who will be developingthe team to deliver our strategy and support our integrated approach.

This ensures that health and safety and well-being are considered at every stage during the life cycle of our properties, from acquisition, through to management, development and leasing. The principles of ensuring safe buildings and working practices are achieved by specifying the materials and design of our buildings, whilst ensuring that maintenance operations can be safely carried out. This approach should ensure our occupiers, staff and visitors are safe, well and productive.