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Our Culture

• Hard-working and adaptable
• A passion to improve London’s office spaces
• Progressive and pragmatic
• ‘Open door’ and inclusive
• Collaborative and supportive

Our culture is a key strength of our business and we see the benefits of our strong culture in our employees’ engagement, retention and productivity.

The Board monitors and assesses the culture of the Group by regularly meeting with management and reviewing the outcomes of employee surveys. The Board also assesses cultural indicators such as management’s attitude to risk, behaviours and compliance with the Group’s policies and procedures.

Our values

• Reputation, integrity and good governance
• Building long-term relationships and trust
• Focus on creative design and embracing change
• Openness and transparency
• Sustainability and responsibility

By promoting values that include building long-term relationships and setting an open and progressive corporate culture, our design-led ethos has created a brand of well-designed, flexible and efficient buildings at affordable rents.

Our values articulate the qualities we embody and our underlying approach to doing business (responsibly, with integrity and openness). Our values are embedded in our operational practices through the policies approved by the Board and the direct oversight and involvement of the Executive Directors.