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For many years, a key part of our business model has been to implement good design underpinned by sustainability to develop our buildings. We believe this approach helps us deliver more inherently sustainable spaces, which are not only attractive to occupy but also efficient to operate.

Our principal business objective is to deliver above average long-term returns to our shareholders, while delivering benefits for all our other stakeholders, by providing well-designed, mid-market office space in central London. In delivering this we must recognise that our business activities are responsible, both directly and indirectly, for a variety of economic, social and environmental benefits and impacts. Therefore, it is important we manage our business in such a way that we enhance the positive and minimise the negative impacts, whilst ensuring we maximise value for all our stakeholders.

To assist us in demonstrating and delivering a responsible approach to managing our business we have identified four priorities which are material to our business and those of our stakeholders. These are:

  • Designing and delivering buildings responsibly – providing inherently sustainable spaces which let well, achieve better long-term values, and which reduce carbon emissions and running costs for the benefit of both ourselves and our customers.
  • Managing our assets responsibly – undertaking rigorous management to maximise our asset performance, deliver resource efficiency savings, and enable our customers to operate their spaces as efficiently as possible.
  • Creating value in the community – supporting the communities in which we operate to enable measurable value creation and develop and maintain strong relationships.
  • Engaging and developing our employees – creating the right environment for our employees by encouraging and allowing opportunities for individuals and teams to realise their full potential, thereby enabling our business to achieve its strategic goals and targets.

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