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The oversight of ESG (environmental, social and governance) matters is vital. It not only allows the Board to understand holistically the impact of its decisions on key stakeholders and the environment, but also identifies any significant changes in the market which be factored into strategy discussions. ESG is overseen principally by the Board, the Responsible Business Committee and the Sustainability Committee.

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The Committee meets at least quarterly to monitor climate risk and appropriate management measures taken

  • evaluates performance and monitors progress against targets, including Net Zero Carbon ambition
  • assesses emerging legislation, key issues and risks to ensure the business is pro-active and diligent in its approach
  • continually reviews the sustainability strategy to ensure it remains relevant and stretching

The Committee comprises of:

  • Paul Williams (Chief Executive Officer) – Chairman
  • John Davies (Head of Sustainability)
  • Nigel George (Executive Director)
  • Emily Prideaux (Executive Director)
  • David Lawler (Company Secretary)
  • Richard Baldwin (Director of Development)
  • Jay Joshi (Treasurer)
  • Katy Levine (Head of Human Resources)
  • Vasiliki Arvaniti (Head of Asset Management)
  • Victoria Steventon (Head of Property Management)
  • Robert Duncan (Head of Investor Relations)
  • Phillipa Davies (Head of Leasing)