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A smiling older woman in bright coloured clothing holding an ornate fan

Jane Low in Dende Collective’s The Church Street Mask Project 2023

Two young people side by side listening intently to someone off camera

Volta International Festival's Bright Lights London, image credit Camilla Greenwell

The successful recipients for this year's Fitzrovia & West End Community Fund have been announced

Please see the press release below for details.

Remaining Funds available for 2024

Tech Belt* - autumn 2024, please check back in September.

If you have any queries about our Community Fund or would like to be added to the launch notification mailing list for either the Fitzrovia & West End Fund or Tech Belt Fund please email -

*The Tech Belt is defined here as the area extending from Kings Cross to Whitechapel, largely covering some EC1 and E1 postcodes.

Press Releases