Our Board
Led by our Chairman, Robert Rayne, the Board is committed to promoting the long-term success of the Group for the benefit of our shareholders and other stakeholders.  

The Board is responsible for decisions relating to the Group’s strategy, capital structure and financing, any major property acquisition or disposal, the risk appetite of the Group and the authorisation of capital expenditure above the delegated authority limits (currently set at £10m). Although the Board is formally required to authorise capital expenditure above this limit, the open nature of our organisation means that the Board is aware of all active projects within our portfolio.
- Key responsibilities Set strategy and deliver value to shareholders and stakeholders;

- Monitor management activity and performance against targets;

- Provide constructive challenge to ensure management remains focused on our strategic objectives; and

- Promote the long-term success of the Group for the benefit of stakeholders.

When making their decisions, the Board consider:

- our desire to always act with integrity in an open and honest manner;

- the interests and well-being of our employees;

- our impact on local communities and the environment;

- the wants and needs of our current and future tenants; and

- developing relationships with our key contractors and suppliers.

Our Directors are highly skilled professionals, who bring a range of skills, perspectives and corporate experience to our Boardroom. The biographies of our Directors can be found here.

The Board’s Corporate Governance Statement can be downloaded here.
The Directors’ Report can be downloaded here.

Executive Committee  

The Board delegates the execution of the Company’s strategy and the day-to-day management of the business to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee are also responsible for ensuring that policies and behaviours set at Board level are effectively communicated and implemented across the Group’s business.
Our Executive Committee usually meets monthly and can meet on an ad hoc basis. This, together with the close proximity within which we work and the way we manage our projects, enables us to handle complex transactions and make quick decisions, with the overall aim of creating value and driving income growth across our portfolio.
Our Executive Committee members can be found here.