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The report is a useful summary of the current Net Zero policy landscape and what we need next - clarity and consistency. Whether that be on data sharing, or on future regulation for EPCs, performance-based standards and embodied carbon. The report also gives examples of policies implemented in other countries which we could draw from (France's Décret Tertiaire which mandates energy consumption reduction or Netherland's Building Decree, which requires life cycle assessments to be carried out). We have the foundation for these policies in the UK – we just need to get them off the ground.

Read the full report here: Towards Net Zero

We’ve also signed up to BPF’s Net Zero Pledge which requires members to:

  • Sign up to net zero targets and plans
  • Commit to sharing research, knowledge and insights on an open-source basis
  • Support other signatories in the wider real estate sector to speed the transition to net zero.