Our sustainability team are responsible for creating, developing and implementing our sustainability strategy and reporting on performance.  Its work is governed and overseen by the Sustainability Committee which provides formal sustainability updates directly to the Executive Committee and main board.

The Committee meets at least quarterly and acts as a guardian for our sustainability strategy, and in doing so:

Evaluates performance and monitors progress against targets and initiatives. Assesses emerging legislation, key issues and risks to ensure the business is pro-active and diligent in its approach. Continually reviews the sustainability strategy to ensure it remains relevant and stretching.

Our Sustainability Committee comprises:

  • Paul Williams (Executive Director and board member) – Chairman
  • John Davies (Head of Sustainability)
  • Justyna Tobolska (Sustainability Manager)
  • Ben Ridgwell (Head of Asset Management)
  • Katy Levine (Head of Human Resources)
  • Tim Kite (Company Secretary)
  • Bob Harper (Head of Facilities Management)
  • Robert Rotbart (Project & Cost Manager, Development)