Health & Safety

We have a clear and robust approach to health and safety centred on three pillars:

People – safeguarding our employees

Assets – safeguarding our tenants, visitors and those who work in our managed portfolio

Developments – ensuring the safe design and delivery of our projects

These three pillars ensure we cover and manage the breadth of our legal obligations and responsibilities and instil a best practice approach.

During 2015 we saw a significant change in the health and safety legislation relating to construction, namely the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations or CDM Regulations. As part of this change the regulations replaced the role of CDM Co-ordinator with that of the Principal Designer, which has bound CDM responsibilities more firmly to those individuals who influence design more directly. In addition, it reconfirmed the role of the client and principal contractor. In response to this we have undertaken a comprehensive review of how we manage our responsibilities under the regulations, and have updated our processes accordingly. Likewise we have ensured our design and delivery supply chains are aware of the changes and are able to respond fully to the new changes.

Set out below is our summary health and safety data for 2015 together with a highlight on the work of our Responsible Workplace Group.

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