Managing our Assets Responsibly

As owner operators it is vital that we take a responsible approach to the management and maintenance of our assets.  Although we always seek to design and deliver buildings which are sustainable and efficient to run, rigorous management is still required in order to maximise performance and deliver the potential savings of which the buildings are capable.  Coupled with this we believe it is important to engage proactively with our customers to assist them in operating their spaces as efficiently as possible, thereby making our management efforts even more effective.

To help us deliver this we use our Sustainability Framework for Assets which sets the standards by which we manage our properties

Sustainability Framework for Assets

Tenant awareness

Engaging our tenants is a key part of our approach to sustainability.  In many of our multi-tenanted buildings we run a ‘Green Forum’ designed to actively involve our tenants in the efficient running of the building whilst also sharing best practice to enable our tenants to operate more efficiently themselves.  In addition, we also produce regular editions of our sustainability newsletter ‘sustainable’ throughout the year, which  provides summaries of some of our initiatives and those which we think would be of benefit to our tenants – likewise sharing the stories and activities of our tenants as well.

Sustainability Newsletter